Siding Repair

Repair exterior siding on a home in Casa View, Casa Linda, Forest Hills, Highland Park, Lake Highlands, Lakewood, Lower Greenville, M Streets, Preston Hollow and University Park of Dallas Texas 75205, 75206, 75214, 75218, 75228, 75231, 75238 zip code
Deteriorated redwood siding on a home in Lakewood Dallas.
The redwood siding that needs to be replaced can no longer be purchased.
An innovative method of producing replacement siding from strips of cement board that’s bonded to an exterior¬† grade of plywood is developed.
The bonded cement and plywood board is installed to replicate and fill in the existing undamaged redwood siding.
Siding installation nearing completion before applying paint.
The ladder used for all access to the wall must be attached to it and pointed straight up the wall.
The ladder is a scary climb because its pointed straight up the wall because the side yard is not wide enough to to allow it to lean. The ladder is attached to the wall with chains and a steel cable that is tied to a heavy beam inside the¬† homes attic. I’m wearing a falling arrest harness that I clip onto the steel cable when I’m working just in case that I pass out from fear.
The completed Redwood and bonded cement board hybrid wall after the paint is applied.

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